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I can see till the end of the world, I can hear grass grow.
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12 31 13 - year ending.
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So I went through a lot of things this year.

I took a certified nursing assistant course. I finally ended it with my longtime on-again, off-again ex. I took that job that I was scouted for being an assistant manager at burger king against my own intuition and common sense for the sake of the money. I openly dated, dated a LOT. Before I had never dated and just fell into relationships with guys that were my friends first.

Sold more dolls than I bought, sigh! This was not a good year for me and dolls. I do miss the hobby though.

I failed in love so epically this year. I was left by one guy for his ex, who just had his baby after a month. I was proposed to in a month by a guy who liked to go to bars and show off his expensive clothes and jewelry and listened only to rap music. I was asked to move-in with a man 10 years my senior. I was wooed by a guy who was exciting and handsome and creative but works as a production/road manager for an R&B singer and rolled in and out of town so frequently I kept pursuing what I really wanted instead.

I quit burger king in the summer, and now I work as a regular crew member at another restaurant. I was working overtime, in a sketchy part of town late-nights with a broken AC and a thermostat that read 175. The franchise kept shorting my checks, I was constantly being tested emotionally by the customers and employees. I can't think of a single day I didn't hear a sexually demeaning comment, or hear a rumor that another manager was trying to set me up to get fired, or hear some made-up story about my social life. I put in a two days notice, not two weeks, I couldn't stand it any longer. My boss tried to talk down to me like I was trash and say I was contractually obligated to finish the month when I had just finished the work-week. I haven't regretted it even for a second, even though now my paychecks are 1/3 of what they were then.

I had a very bad health scare after an annual exam. I had no insurance and paid out of pocket for one since I hadn't had insurance in more than two years and haven't been getting checkups regularly. I was told I had an abnormal pap test and that I might potentially have cervical cancer. After a bunch of tests and hoops and hundreds I found out I dodged that bullet and I'm completely fine. I have to get paps done every 6 months for the next two years, but other than that I am ok.

I lost 30 pounds. I gained 15. I don't hate my body but I have a rollercoaster of good and bad days and just need to treat myself better.

Currently I work 2~4 days a week, I am next in line for a promotion if I stay in this field I could probably be running my own store in another year. I spend most of my time with my boyfriend Nick and his family. We've been going out since the summer and official since October 1st.

On Christmas Eve we exchanged our gifts and he told me he loved me for the first time in front of his mother. I'd already told him I love him before, but he'd been guarded because of various things that happened with his ex and I didn't expect him to tell me that for a very long time. I made the first move on him, I fell for him very hard and very fast and he's perfect for me. We have a lot in common, he brings the best out of me and pushes me forward. We have a lot of goals together that I'm looking forward to working towards.

In short, I still have the same worries I had at the beginning of the year. But they don't consume me. I am million times happier with myself than I was a year ago. I am on speaking terms with my sister when I hadn't been in some time. I am in a healthy relationship, I am loved and I love him immensely. I told myself last year that I just wanted to be happier and now I am! I think I will roll on with this "resolution" and try to do even better next year.

Tonight I'll be playing trivial pursuit with Nick and his family, probably getting dragged around by his young nieces and hopefully his sister made that cheesecake she promised. Hopefully it will not take me so long to make another update ^^;;
03 06 13 - some things.
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ashbet should be getting a package from me today (or tomorrow idk).

I'm about to make some macha and watch some more anime. I'm currently watching "My little Monster" a cute shoujo/highschool series. I caught up with Chihayafuru which is about a Japanese card game karuta and Amnesia which is pretty much an anime that plays out like and otome game/dating sim with a female lead. She keeps getting game-over moments and next thing you know she has a different love interest.

Also caught up with Spartacus, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little liars. I'm like half a season behind on Once Upon a Time tho...

edit: For anyone who likes anime... I apparently have 1 free guest pass for 48 hours all access (premium stuff and no ads) to crunchyroll if anyone is interested? Just inbox me and I'll give it to whoever messages me first.
03 02 13 - rekindling.
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So I haven't been sleeping well. I have periods of this rather often when I need to do something to "drive" me to sleep. Something like a game or show to take my mind off of things and shut me down.

So I've started watching anime again. The last time I watched a current anime was fansubs of Code Geass so I'd say around 2008? I've rewatched my old favorites since then but I hadn't been keeping up with anything new or even the series I like. (One Piece for example, but I'm still reading the manga.. slowly. I let a good 30+ chapters collect before I read them all).

I'm watching Shin Sekai Yori (from the new world) on crunchyroll since Keir has an account (I also watched some sappy stuff earlier this week). I'm really surprised with how good it is. It's based off a society of people who have developed telekenetic power and use hypnosis and power of suggestion to bend people to their will. Anyone or thing that threatens the status quo or is perceived as a threat is eliminated. It starts from a group of 5 children and then they learn the hidden truths that make up their society as they grow up.

It's like reading a really good book instead of watching an anime. As soon as the episode starts I feel like I blink and its over. I'm also watching Maoyu which is about a female demon king joining forces with a human legendary hero to change the world to one that can sustain itself without war and Magi which has taken the whole Aladdin tale and spun it completely different.

If there is any anime that I should check out let me know?
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Tan Narae Classic face - $275 SOLD
She is french resin but instead of yellowing her color "mellowed". I think she is more beautiful now then she was when I received her because of it. Her faceup is by Cifr, who I believe is retired. (Last few times I checked she was still closed)

She's missing two fingers on her left hand. I have excess hands in pinky white, if you wanted to try to dye them to match. I'm willing to throw in clothes if they are wanted. I no longer have that outfit but I do have stuff left in this thread that you could pick.

I'll probably be selling my pinky white narae (SOLD AS WELL) as well, but as she's yellowed un-evenly I need to take a ton of photos. I really don't know how to price either of them since they are years old but I have a few bills to pay and need to payback my grandmother for my replacement phone. I paid more than double for them initially. I don't think I'll be posting them on DOA unless I can't sell any of the other dolls I'm rehoming.

Zoall Luv - $340 OBO including priority shipping to US (DOA LINK) SOLD AS WELL

I got her in a trade, I don't have any wigs that fit her and she only barely fits my SD sized leggings as she's so slim. I'd rather her go than any of the others since I haven't had any time to bond with her and have been shying away from SD sized dolls. She needs some TLC as her blushing is fading particularly on her feet.

Blythe Rainy Day Parade - $70 OBO SOLD including priority shipping to US

No staining but could use a hair conditioning. She'll come nude. Picture here.

Still selling unoa&unon faceplates: sleeping latea, sleeping marion and l-bi. Taking offers for them!
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My Lea, Reja and my Byurl Hana.

Just a quick glance of them brings me so much joy. They're just sitting in this chair on my desk. Miya, my Lami is still wigless and needs an outfit. Her eyelashes fell askew in transit so she'll need some fixing up. I've traded down in size and up in number. I really need to stop falling for trades when trying to sell dolls or I might end up with an army of these cuties.

When I get a job and get in a good place financially I'd like to get them school uniforms/matching outfits as my story for them involves an orphanage for girls and I'd like to make them a room box of sorts. I don't know if it will be a classroom or a bedroom ala Madeline with the beds in two rows.

The story is so vague I need to flesh it out, its just hard to focus on working on it when there are so many other things I need to do.

Still more runaround from that job interview. I guess I won't find out about it until Tuesday. So of course the hunt is still going strong...

Until then, still selling stuff. Prices include s&h to US.
1) Unoa L-bi faceplate (blank) $45
2) Unoa Zero Marion sleeping (blank) $85 OBO
3) Unoa Zero Latea sleeping (blank) $85 OBO
4) Unoa Chibi clasping hands $30
5) Unoa Chibi fist hands $30
6) Monstro Designs furwig in MNF size brown (just like the one shown on Reja above) $10
7) Nude Blythe Rainy Day Parade $80 OBO(includes priority mail since its the only box I have that she will fit in)

and I still have doll clothes left over here. I'll be posting some of this on DoA if I don't get any lj friends to buy them. I do need to post up the last of the headbands I have, since I won't be making more in the near future. (The baby deer ones are the last ones I made and they haven't been posted as Reja's head was in Spain forever and once I got her my other girls I traded for piled in at once and it was just one real life thing after another. I have 12 sets made so I really need to post them and maybe they will sell out.
01 16 13 - quick notice!
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For any of those who need Photoshop or Illustrator, adobe has creative studio 2 available for free.

From what I heard its hassle free and it is a full version not a trial.

Here is the download page. You will need to create an adobe ID to download/use it but that is a free account as well.
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I'm just gonna make this an ongoing sales page...

Shipping is 1.75 for one item and .50 cents for each additional (first class). Overseas is 2.50 for one item and then .50 cents USD for each item as well.


But.. on to the clothes.

All of these are slim mini sized.
A. geometric pattern laser engraved w/ elastic waistband $9 (one left) SHIPPED
B. light grey background with floral print $10 (three two left)
C. dark blue background with floral print $10 (three left)
D. Kitschy floral pattern $10 (one left)SHIPPED
E. Leopard print $10 (one left)
F. Nordic Deer print $10 (shown in green but I have 1 green, 1 dark red (PAID) and 1 cherry red pair in slim mini size and 1 dark red in SD size and 1 cherry red in SD size)

These are the old/original style with no band. The banded ones stay up on the doll rumps a little better, especially when sitting but these are still cute. All of these are slim mini sized.
G. purple "wood grain" pattern $8 HOLD
H. teal "wood grain" pattern $8
I. purple "tartan pattern $8
J. purple plain with scalloped edges. $7

Sizes as listed next to each item.
K. brown leggings with a small hole near the crotch. they are tighter than the other leggings so I'd reccomend them for Narae and Minifee. Unoa will fit but you might make that hole bigger ;3; $4 SHIPPED
L. Criss-cross "bandaged look" pattern for SDs. Lacks a band so it will slip down when the doll is sitting. $10 SHIPPED
M. Tanya style red polka dot dress. Fits great on large bust unoa, a bit loose but wearable on small bust unoa/minifee/narae. $10

N. Tanya Style sweet grey dress. The bow on the lower right is a little loose. Fits slim minis. $10 SOLD
O. Cowl sweater with little beaded embellishments on the neck. $7 HOLD

P. GEO shirt with velcro closure $11
Q. Geo shirt with one-snap closure $8
R. SD dark red coral reef leggings $12
S. SD black coral reef leggings $12
T. SD dark red deer print leggings $12 SOLD
U. SD cherry red deer print leggings $12
V. Slim mini cherry red deer print leggings $10 SOLD

Sorry for the spam -_-. Love you all.
11 30 12 - open palms.
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The greediness coming through in this photo is boundless. XD
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Before I go ahead and update the DOA pages to reflect the price changes..

More of the limited printed leggings:

and the holiday leggings!

and all the obligatory info is here!

I'm finally done with my other things and focus back on sewing and stuff.
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So until the 7th of December (a week from this Friday) all CIVILIZED EVIL items, clothing and headbands alike are 25% off. There are a few new items as well, more leggings but with color prints on them, they cost less than the regular leggings because the fabric was bought as-is and weren't customized via laser BUT these are also extremely limited and when they are gone they are GONE!

These aren't even on DOA yet, light and dark florals. They are $11 a pair. I have a few more prints that I'll pop up on here once I get photos.

(DOA link) Our laser etched leggings, all designs are $13 a pair for MSD and $16 for SD. This includes all current designs and custom designs.

headbands $6.75, tunics for slim minis for $16!Collapse )

Free shipping on orders over $50 as well. These prices won't be reflected on DOA till this Friday. Email me at lamorliere@gmail.com to place orders :)
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